FishOS Challenge

5 Questions
1 Is your cloud efficient?
(a) No? Let us make it efficient then! Hop off the waste-as-you-go wagon.
(b) Yes? Splendid! We’ll make it more efficient – streamline it to a point that’ll make you proud.
2 Think we can’t make your cloud any more efficient than it already is?
Let us prove that we can.
3 Do you know what the industry’s average server utilization rate is?
Fifty percent? Forty percent? Thirty? No, starts from under 10% and tops at 20%. Efficient, right?
4 Do you know what your server utilization rate is?
Do let us improve it! Let us help lower your OpEx and CapEx, let us boost your ROI.
5 Think utilization is not a problem for you? Got 25% utilization?
Wow! That’s… hmm… What’s the word? Ah, yes: awesome! Interested in doubling this rate?

Don’t believe it can be done? Let us prove that it can. Get in touch, or ready to get started with FishOS?.