5 Questions

1. Is your cloud efficient?

(a) No? Let us make it efficient then! Hop off the waste-as-you-go wagon.
(b) Yes? Splendid! We’ll make it more efficient – streamline it to a point that’ll make you proud.

2. Think we can’t make your cloud any more efficient than it already is?

Let us prove that we can.

3. Do you know what the industry’s average server utilization rate is?

Fifty percent? Forty percent? Thirty? No, starts from under 10% and tops at 20%. Efficient, right?

4. Do you know what your server utilization rate is?

Do let us improve it! Let us help lower your OpEx and CapEx, let us boost your ROI.

5. Think utilization is not a problem for you? Got 25% utilization?

Wow! That’s… hmm… What’s the word? Ah, yes: awesome! Interested in doubling this rate?

Don’t believe it can be done? Let us prove that it can. Get in touch, or ready to get started with FishOS?.