Why lose your shirt when you can drop your cost?
(translation: don’t get taken advantage of!)

Total view on cost saving

We take a holistic approach to optimizing cloud data center operations costs. We understand the multitude aspects of large scale cloud data center costs.

Per VM licensing

Applications demanding more resources? Grow your resources without growing your cloud management costs! We license per VM, not per GB memory, per host, or socket/core.


No more piecemeal licensing. We give you the whole lot! After all, you don’t run your facility piecemeal, do you? We are here to help you drop your TCO!

Instant, flexible

We can get you up and running quicker, expand your cloud infrastructure more flexibly. Time is money, right?

Scalable, no partitioning

FishOS allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure more flexibly, with zero-partitioning, lower management overhead, lower costs all around.


FishOS enables cloud operators to manage more servers easily. No difference between managing 1 rack or 1 floor of servers! Managing an OpenStack cloud with FishOS is not labour intensive.

Higher value HR utilization

Simple for an operations team to manage 1000+ servers (vs. 100 physicals per sysadmin with other solutions). Sysadmins don’t need to be bothered with doing monkey jobs with FishOS, leading to lower HR costs, higher value HR utilization.