Reliable OpenStack cloud is reality with FishOS

Reliable cloud: myth or reality?


Your OpenStack cloud should not be a pray-and-hope affair. We have made OpenStack reliable with FishOS, and proven with major operators for whom reliability is not a luxury!

Automated reliability

FishOS actively tracks the states of your cloud infrastructure, and takes corrective and preventive actions rapidly. FishOS can live migrate your VMs away from trouble. No polling, no waiting, no need to wake up at 3AM!

Highly-available, no SPOF

Every component of FishOS can be operated in a highly-available mode, eliminating single point of failure.

No idle DR capacity

No need to run 2x the number of servers required just in case there is trouble! FishOS can run your facilities as one, and dynamically flow workload between them. Disaster recovery (DR) resources can be dynamically managed.