Reservation = What’s requested
Utilization = What’s actually used

No wastage: optimized OpEx and CapEx

Cloud resources are usually managed based on reservation. This leads to wastage for cloud operators, with their server utilization typically in the lowly range of 10 – 15%.

With FishOS, cloud resources are optimally managed, leading to significant savings. For instance, by permitting FishOS to raise your server utilization from the meager 15% to say 45% (fully achievable, and by no means the limit), your energy OpEx would be reduced by 67%. Take a moment to consider how this would affect your bottom line. Then add the cost-saving effect of having to obtain and replace less equipment to handle your workloads (as the servers you do acquire would be optimally utilized).

FishOS incorporates FishDirector’s unique technologies for collecting and using system intelligence, improving utilization and energy-saving.

FishOS: FishDirector intelligence

Collects and makes intelligent decisions based on over 200 types of metrics, working with up to 1M data points per second per rack of servers.

Other Cloud Management System

Operates on just 4 coarse metrics: CPU, memory, disk and network.

Do you still prefer to manage your cloud based on reservation, wasting as you go, or would you perhaps care to do it efficiently, based on utilization – to actually use your dearly acquired cloud?