Advanced billing reporting tools - for OpenStack

BeanCounter is a high level, easy-to-use, yet flexible suite of scriptable tools, providing:

Usage Report

Generating a usage report in CSV format according to a definition file. The definition file describes the columns of the report and how to get information for each column in the report. BeanCounter aims at providing high accuracy reports in this mode. 

Usage Report Per User

This functionality is similar to Usage Report, except that reports are generated for each user in a particular project. Real time and easy management.

Usage Summary

Provides cost summaries, segmented by OpenStack Keystone domain and further configurable segments. Excellent cost control management, with the opportunity to generate cost savings.

Usage Licensing

Provides insight into licensing costs, leveraging image metadata, and metrics such as vCPUs and memory. Flexible and transparent process.

BeanCounter as a suite of service tools, supports multiple users, multiple cost scenarios, and multiple licensing insights.

Top reasons to trust BeanCounter:


Provides a multi-purpose billing reporting service for an OpenStack cloud.

Very flexible

Allows flexibility for certain level of free quota.

Easy to use

Is a high level, easy-to-use, yet flexible suite of scriptable tools.

How to install:

BeanCounter is included with FishOS, and comes pre-installed as part of the deployment process with FishOS Deployer