FishDirector: cloud infrastructure automation

Maximizing server utilization

What FishDirector does

FishDirector is the cornerstone of FishOS. FishDirector is the world’s first utilization-aware solution for OpenStack automation. It can easily double, and even triple, your server utilization rate.

FishDirector optimally and rapidly places VMs, and automatically rebalances the data center, consolidating the VMs’ workload and right-sizing the number of servers powered on, to increase server utilization and ensure that your data center is OpEx- and CapEx-optimized. FishDirector has a highly scalable rapid response monitoring framework, giving you real-time operational visibility of your OpenStack cloud.

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Optimally and rapidly places VMs The optimal, rapid placement of VMs in a large, dynamically changing data center is a major challenge. FishDirector places VMs on the right host – first time and every time, instantly.
Automatic data center rebalancing FishDirector automatically rebalances VMs’ workload across a large facility while meeting workload requirements, ensuring optimal VM performance and maximizing data center capability at constant TCO.
Dynamically right-sizing  FishDirector dynamically right-sizes the number of servers to meet workload requirements, reducing power consumption and boosting resource utility.
Physical awareness FishDirector’s data center structure awareness allows consideration of a host server’s physical location when placing and rebalancing workload.
Highly available Every component of FishDirector has been architected to be operable in highly available mode, providing redundancy and ensuring service uptime.
Health diagnosis framework FishDirector tracks the health of the host servers and can auto-migrate the workload to another host.
Highly operable FishDirector scalably handles different types of operational automation that might otherwise require operator intervention. This design allows a single operator to manage a data center of thousands of host servers.

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