360° visibility

Sardina Systems’ is a uniquely scalable data center monitoring system, providing real-time global-scale operational visibility of data centers.

What FishEye does

FishEye provides the foundation for a versatile range of data center monitoring capabilities. Readily usable and extensible, it provides you global-scale operational visibility of your data center in real time, integrating information correlation, analysis and action handling.

FishEye has been designed to be simple to deploy, yet scales to 100,000 physical servers and beyond. Volumes of data center operations metrics from a wide range of sources can be monitored, analyzed, and actions taken, in a comprehensive manner.

Among its features, FishEye allows you to:

  • Monitor the entire data center as one. Being highly scalable, FishEye makes it easy to monitor a whole facility without data center partitioning;
  • Powerfully cross correlate events across an entire data center;
  • Automate corrective and consequential actions;
  • Improve agility of data center operations;
  • Increase service availability;
  • Meet compliance and risk management.

For OpenStack cloud, FishEye’s OpenStack integration provides a uniquely flexible solution for monitoring and executing actions and tracking OpenStack events.