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Sardina Systems Company

Sardina Systems is a software enterprise developing full-lifecycle automation for OpenStack and Kubernetes. We offer a full suite of super scalable operations management tools to partner solutions, allowing your customers to successfully address critical data center operations requirements, achieve service assurance, greater infrastructure efficiency and reduce costs within their infrastructures. We distribute our innovative products and solutions through a network of 100% trusted partners – global outstanding technology and risk management vendors!

Depending on their business model, and their client’s private cloud system requirements, our partners adopting FishOS OpenStack by Sardina Systems will receive:

  • a flexible, lightweight deployment tools (for the Deploy phase of lifecycle)
  • an efficient, scalable and reliable operation of the environment (for the Operate phase)
  • a zero-downtime upgrade (for the Upgrade phase)

Why Partner with Sardina Systems

Global-scale operational management

Provides global-scale operational data centre visibility in real time, integrating information correlation, analysis and action handling.

Turnkey Cloud

Offers a turnkey cloud platform to your clients, that is easily implemented, complete with a suite of automation tools addressing the full lifecycle of cloud operations.

Choice of Pre-validated Hardware

Your clients have a choice of hardware from Intel DCS, Inspur, Dell and HPE, that can flexibly scale up compute, storage, networking and management to fit enterprise workload growth.

Optimized TCO

Your clients achieve unmatched 10x reduction in TCO, elastic pay‐as‐you‐grow economics, with smart AI-powered to eliminate over-provisioning and prediction risk.

Marketing, sales and training support

We provide tools for sales and marketing, and hands-on support during the on-boarding process, to aid the success of our partners.

Sardina Systems Partner Program

At Sardina Systems, we are open to building working relationships with multiple partners across the globe. We’re always on the lookout for good potential partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner with us simply get in touch by clicking “Become a partner today”.


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