Enabling innovation

OpenStack provides aerospace customers with a flexible, future-proof solution for private cloud. FishOS enables customers in the aerospace arena to flexibility cater to dynamic user demand, overcoming complex performance, manageability, reliability, and security challenges, to drive innovation.

FishOS has been proven with major operators in aerospace, enabling higher efficiency and lower costs.


  • Reservation-based resource management wasting precious resources, restricting innovation
  • Traditional computing environments are not flexible to meet dynamic varying business requirements, presenting a barrier for innovation
  • With computation resources being managed statically based on reservation, aerospace facilities face limitations on amount of computations that can be undertaken, causing delays in computation results
  • Hardware faults impact long running computations, forcing users to either restart the computations, or implement laborious and error-prone check-pointing process — ultimately wasted time on low quality activities
  • Long running computations have to be interrupted to allow urgent computations to run, or require complex error-prone process for task preemption


  • Reservation-based sub-optimal resource management is history with FishOS right-allocating resources in real-time
  • FishOS enable aerospace cloud operators to rapidly and flexibly meet broad business requirements, driving innovation and collaboration — in second, not hour or days!
  • FishOS enable aerospace cloud operators to cater to more computations, by best matching dynamic computational resource requirements to available resources — more computation at constant TCO
  • FishOS enable dynamic fault-handling, preserving states of long running computations, without laborious and error-prone checkpointing process — enabling high value personnel to focus on high quality activities
  • FishOS enables flexible, reliable task preemption, by dynamically managing computational resources

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