Enabling efficiency

OpenStack provides government customers with a flexible, future-proof solution for private cloud. FishOS enables customers in the government arena to optimally cater to dynamic operational demand, overcoming complex performance, manageability, reliability, and security challenges, to drive efficiency.

FishOS has been proven with major operators in the government arena, enabling higher efficiency and lower OpEx.


  • National-scale data center operators have to operate much larger facilities, both to meet increasing service user demand and to gain efficiency of scale
  • National-scale data center operators have to provide more services, but face difficulty in continuously enlarging data center operations team
  • Defence, security and intelligence data center operators need to be able to allocate computational resources rapidly, to meet urgent operational requirements
  • Utilization of computing resources by service users’ workload varies over time, and is often well below the amounts requested — wasting precious resources
  • Hardware faults impact long running services and computations, causing service interruption and forcing
  • Government data center operators need to cater to more demanding and wide ranging IT services more flexibly and rapidly


  • FishOS uniquely enables national-scale data center operators to scale to be able to manage entire facility or indeed, multiple facilities, as one
  • FishOS enables national-scale service provider to manage larger facilities without significantly enlarging its data center operations team, keeping human resources costs low
  • FishOS enables defence, security and intelligence data center operators to flexibly and rapidly provide computational resources to meet highly dynamic operating requirements, facilitating national security
  • FishOS managed resources in real-time based on live workload resource utilization, optimizing resource utilization, lowering OpEx and CapEx
  • FishOS ensures higher reliability, automatically and preemptively migrates workload away from hardware faults without operator nor user intervention
  • FishOS enables government data center operators to serve computing requirements in seconds, not hour or days!

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