Hyper-efficient clouds for enterprise – on OpenStack

Sardina FishOS is an efficiency-driven, massively scalable cloud management platform that integrates OpenStack and Sardina Systems’ FishDirector software to deliver hyper-efficient cloud infrastructure.

FishOS cuts data center operators’ energy OpEx by at least a half, reduces hardware and facilities’ CapEx and maximizes returns on cloud infrastructure investments.

We build on OpenStack – the preeminent open-source cloud operating system driven by the world’s leading software houses and one of the largest, most vibrant of developer communities around. It is a framework for building highly scalable clouds to handle the most demanding of workloads. Trusted by a compelling number of notable data center operators worldwide, OpenStack has come to represent the best of what cloud technology can offer. Combined with FishOS, it is the most efficient cloud platform available.

FishOS – a touch of magic on OpenStack


FishOS comes standard with functionalities that enterprises require, including auto-failover, disaster recovery, smooth upgrade path, monitoring, integration and coexistence with existing infrastructure. No more piecemeal licensing. We give you the whole lot! We are here to help you drop your TCO. Find out more: Why lose your shirt when you can drop your cost

Highly scalable

FishOS grows with your cloud – it has been designed to scale beyond 100,000 physical servers

Maximizes utilization

With unique technologies for tracking and optimizing data center resource usage, FishOS doubles, and can triple, your server utilization rate. Find out more: Utilization vs reservation

Halves energy costs

Its ability to gain singular insight into the workings of your data center and rapidly right-place and rebalance workloads allow FishOS to manage server states in a manner that reduces your power consumption by 50% or more. Find out more: Savings? How much?

Boosts ROI

Remarkably improving your server utilization, FishOS helps you make the most of your hardware investment. Find out more: Raise utilization to lower costs

Optimizes CapEx

With less servers required to handle your workloads, your hardware and facility acquisition costs will drop respectively. Find out more: Raise utilization to lower costs

Smooth integration

FishOS plays nicely to integrate with your existing infrastructure, alongside your traditional environment. No need to rip-and-replace, no long integration period required

Making OpenStack work for you

It may be challenging for an OpenStack-novice to fully exploit the benefits this platform can offer. Let us take care of implementation for you. We’ll have your OpenStack cloud up and running fast, and make its operation a breeze.

With Sardina FishOS, you get an affordable, highly efficient and truly scalable cloud suite that packs an enterprise-grade feature set and benefits from the open-source development model.

FishOS cloud variety

Self-built cloud

Use FishOS to rapidly deploy, manage and operate your OpenStack cloud environment.

Managed cloud

We’ll set up and operate an OpenStack cloud for you on your premises using FishOS.

Custom cloud

Our system architects will work with you to design the right OpenStack cloud to fit your requirements and applications.

Comes in four flavours

FishOS Red

Integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, with OpenStack component supported by Red Hat.

FishOS Green

Integrated with SUSE OpenStack Cloud, with OpenStack component supported by SUSE.

FishOS Orange

Integrated with Ubuntu OpenStack, with OpenStack component supported by Canonical.

FishOS White

Integrated with open source OpenStack, fully supported by Sardina Systems.