Is OpenStack difficult?

We recently presented at a number of important OpenStack Days events within Europe, and we have heard multiple times the message that OpenStack is difficult.

Is this true? How difficult can be the fastest growing and most popular Open Source cloud platform?

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Why are big players in finance adopting OpenStack?

Adopting the trend of OpenStack in Banking sector is much easier now.

Private cloud environments today provide greater benefits and flexibilities to business users, enabling a banking institutions, whether retail, corporate, institutional and investment banking, to rapidly respond to changing needs dictated by users, regulation, and market. The digital transformation is impacting all the industries, and the financial services industry is not an exception anymore.

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OpenStack deployed within 1 cup of coffee (or 1 Martini!)

Easy OpenStack cloud deployment for your private cloud environment

Cloud adoption technology it is the latest trend growing in the IT market. More and more organizations are realizing that the virtualization process it is vital and it will make a huge difference for their businesses, as the cloud adoption can improve the resource efficiency, lower computing costs, and ensure highly availability and scalability of the businesses.

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