Successes Stories

Market Leading Innovation

FishOS has been deployed at a broad range of sites in industries including banking, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, research, government and academia.

FishOS enables flexible, efficient private cloud operation, with a rich, fully-encompassing set of tools.

FishOS powers the university-wide private cloud at University of Edinburgh — the largest academic private cloud in the UK
FishOS powers a private cloud system at Binario Etico
FishOS was deployed to enable exploration cloud environment augmenting HPC
FishOS was engineered to manage multiple globally distributed data centers
FishOS was licensed for OpenStack cloud at University of Tartu — the largest and most prestigious university in Estonia
FishOS was deployed to power an OpenStack cloud at St Petersburg State University, a top ranking Russian center of research
FishOS was deployed for a private cloud system at Alpha System, a Norwegian managed hosting company, in just 3 hours!